The Broccoli Seed Tea Research Group

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Albert Wright

Research scientist with Parkinson's disease exploring transcription factor Nrf2 activation to stop PD progression. See for more details.

6 thoughts on “The Broccoli Seed Tea Research Group”

    1. Hi David, I have not tried Prostaphane personally, but one of our group did for several months with no noticeable effect. Since then he has been using a home-made broccoli sprout beverage based on the same method that I use for making the broccoli seed tea and has reported good results. I don’t know why Prostaphane doesn’t seem to work as it should if it really has 10mg of available sulforaphane per pill, equivalent to 56 µMol per pill. 2 pills per day should have an effect so there may be a problem of stability/shelf life. We get the same lack of effect with all the so-called sulforaphane or glucoraphanin/myrosinase supplements. If you want to learn more, check on this website in a few days when I hope to have finished updating this section, and/or sign up to the BST-RG and meet the people who have been using and helping me develop BST for PD.

      Albert Wright


    2. Hi David, I notice that you are in France. I live in Grenoble. Unfortunately we do not have any native French PwPs in our group. That is something I would like to develop, but the language seems to be problem. You would be very welcome in our group.


      1. Hi Albert. Im not a native french speaker. Im Catalonian/ Spanish, but i do speak a decent enough French if this may be of any help. Regards. Chelo


      2. Hi Albert,
        I have not PD, I’ve just an interest in the NRF2 pathway for well being, following Dr Jed Fahey research.
        BTW what does PwPs stands for?


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