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The author of this research, Albert F Wright, ARIC, PhD, is an experienced research chemist diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018. He is not a medical professional and cannot give medical advice of any kind. He pioneered research on the preparation and standardisation of a Broccoli Seed Tea containing the isothiocyanate, sulforaphane. The objectives of this research were twofold: to optimise the preparation of a Broccoli seed tea containing fully-bioavailable sulforaphane in order to attenuate the non-motor symptoms of his own Parkinson’s disease.

Disclaimer: Any research observations or experimental results shared by the author are for information only and should not interpreted as medical advice of any kind. The preparation and consumption of Broccoli Seed Tea have not been validated or certified by any health authority as safe or free from adverse health effects, nor as a therapy to treat any medical condition. At high doses, sulforaphane, like all other isothiocyanates, is toxic. All persons intending to make or consume broccoli tea according to the methods used by the author are strongly urged to seek prior advice from their medical practitioner.