About the Patient Researcher

The privilege of
a scientist with Parkinson’s disease…

Dr Albert F Wright was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018. Using his skills as an experienced research scientist, he focused his studies on the causes of PD and how to slow it’s progression. Working with leading scientists worldwide, he concentrated on the damage caused by oxidative stress to dopaminergic neurons. This is now recognised as a major cause of neurodegenerative diseases and is believed to be a consequence of age-related deregulation of a genetic process called the Redox Balance system. Further research by experts in genetic processes and plant scientists has shown that the Redox Balance system can be adjusted using powerful natural molecules extracted from Broccoli seeds.

Dr Wright developed his own therapy to treat his Parkinson’s disease by carefully monitoring his own symptoms in response to the treatment. He identified a small number of key symptoms as being particularly sensitive to the treatment and used them as a guide to define the best dose range to use. This is the privilege that comes with being both the researcher and the patient and having access to detailed personal feedback on a daily basis.

He is currently almost symptom-free.